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Lecture: Big Data Meets Social Responsibility

The future of knowledge will require the ability to harness relevant data with specific content expertise. Poised as veteran social performance experts in the mining, oil and gas sectors MacCormick will be introducing the concept of their Social Performance Index (SPI). The MacCormick SPI measures company’s social performance against international standards in relation to their financial performance. A solution which meets the demand for content in the burgeoning 13 trillion-dollar Impact investing market.

Socially responsible or impact investing (SRI) is an investment discipline that considers environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact. The SPI is designed to better inform this market on company’s performance - sector specific, company specific, project specific and social specific.

The size of the Impact Investing market has grown from 3 to 13 trillion USD in assets under professional management (AUM) by public demand since 2002 and is expected to double again. MacCormick’s SPI solution supplies both the impact investing and ESG data markets need for content whilst addressing the costs of substantial social disruption in the global resource sector.

Speaker Bios:
Bonnie Lyn de Bartok, CEO, MacCormick Inc. brings 20 years of international business, socio-economic development and finance experience to the firm. Her experience spans 4 Continents, 24 Countries and 100s of projects in 3 languages. Her clients range from Junior to Major Mining Companies, Governments, NGOs, IOs, and Major Financial Institutions. Her project work covers top-down social management strategies to grass-roots program development and implementation in reporting, compliance, ASM, resettlement, cultural heritage preservation, local employment and development, human rights, security and strategic community investment. Bonnie Lyn is a graduate in International Development Studies, International Politics from Saint Mary’s University and holds additional certifications in Finance and Technology.

John Harker O.C., LLB, Chairman, MacCormick Inc. is currently Chairman, Global Resources Investment for Development, and CEO Harker Associates. In his extensive and impressive career, John has served as: Honourary Lieutenant Colonel, Cape Breton Highlanders, Canadian Army Reserve; President of Cape Breton University; Lead Envoy for a Canadian Government led Mission to Sudan; and special advisor to the office of President Nelson Mandela, Republic of South Africa. John also created a National Development Agency jointly with the United Nations; served as Director for Canada at the United Nations International Labour Office, and was the Commonwealth Expert on Human Resources Development for post- apartheid Africa.

Established in 2009, MacCormick has been providing expert social management advisory services for their Mining, NGO, and Financial and Government clientele around the globe. In 2012, MacCormick released the world’s first Social Responsibility Index (SRI) which measures the social performance of mining companies in relation to their financial performance. In 2017, MacCormick will release their digitized version of the SRI called the Social Performance Index (SPI). The SPI solution is designed to better inform the impact investing markets on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance and performance of mining and oil and gas companies in accordance to 12 global frameworks, up to 150 social performance indicators and in relation to their financial performance. 


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