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Putting Arts to Work - Panel and Networking session

As precarious work increasingly becomes the norm and many industries face mounting pressures to do more with less, what is the value of studying French literature, social anthropology or ancient Greek? We have gathered together a group of stellar Dalhousie alumni, all of whom have used their Arts and Social Sciences degrees in interesting and innovative ways. They are here to share their stories with you and to provide a firsthand account of how their degrees have helped them to succeed in their career journeys.

Come out on Wednesday, February 15th from 6:30 to 8:00 PM in Room 1020 in the Rowe Management Building for an alumni panel and networking session. Reception to follow. Refreshments will be provided. 


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Room 1020 in the Rowe Management Building




Harry Critchley
Community Outreach Coordinator
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences