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Free ESL Workshop: Grammar Check-up

Just like going to the doctor, the first part of the workshop will be identifying where the “grammar pain” is and diagnosing the cause. Then, we will examine the possible cures. Finally, we will explore how we can stop the grammar pain from coming back and prevent new ones from appearing. 






Mona Campbell 2110 


Free for Dalhousie Students 

Additional Information

The Monday workshop series called The Mechanics of Writing focuses on the specific needs of students whose first language is not English. It is a review of all the building blocks of grammar to improve your writing on exams, assignments, and academic papers, and to help you make the most out of other academic support on campus such as the Study Skills workshops, the Writing Centre, and writing classes. Each workshop is self-contained, so you can come to just a few, or come every Monday. The workshops will include explanation of rules and theory, as well as ample time for writing feedback by a qualified and experienced ESL instructor. 

Free workshops run every Monday and Wednesday until April 5, 2017


Email esl@dal.ca, or visit dal.ca/esl to register today.