GWST Free Public Lectures/Classes: NAIOMI METALLIC, Dalhousie (Faculty of Law), Aboriginal Women: Decolonization and the Impact of the Indian Act

The Program in Gender and Women’s Studies offers a popular introductory course that introduces participants to important themes and current debates on topics and issues in a wide range of subjects and disciplines in this field. One of the objectives of this course is to showcase the talent and the scholarship of Dalhousie professors, researchers, and writers, who conduct work in women’s, gender and sexuality studies, to provide snapshots of the topics and debates that are taken up in different disciplines, and the gender and race analyses and critical approaches that may be taken to them.

For most weeks of the course in the Fall of 2016, a different expert will provide a free Guest Lecture, each from a very different discipline or program. Since we have a large lecture theatre with plenty of seating to spare, we are opening this course and lecture series to the greater Dal community. Everyone is welcome to attend the following presentations, all of which will be held from 1:00-2:30 in the Kenneth Rowe Management Building. 


Lectures, Seminars




Kenneth Rowe Management Bldg, Rm 1028