President's Corner ‑ January 8, 2021

- January 8, 2021

(Danny Abriel photo)
(Danny Abriel photo)

President's Corner is a regular column from President Deep Saini.

Dear Dal Community,

Welcome to 2021. I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable break, have stayed healthy and are ready for a productive year ahead. I not only wish you a year full of positives but am recommitting to doing my own personal best to foster our community’s success this year.

Despite the ongoing increase in COVID-19 infections here in Canada and elsewhere, the introduction of at least two potent vaccines during the last weeks of 2020 have brought much-awaited shimmer of hope that the end of the pandemic is in sight. Our public health authorities have already embarked on the vaccination drive, which is expected to accelerate and widen in scope over the coming months. This is welcome news after almost a year of gloom and setbacks. This said, it is critically important that we do not let our guard down even the slightest bit. This dangerous virus is still with us and will remain with us as the vaccination is rolled out. A fairly long journey still lies ahead – a journey that will likely include surprises and even setbacks. Those not yet vaccinated will remain as vulnerable as ever and it remains uncertain as to whether those who are vaccinated may still be able to transmit the virus. Our campuses will eventually return to pre-pandemic conditions, but it will happen through a gradual, phased process that is carefully planned and executed.

Despite the long road that still lies ahead, I am starting the new year with renewed optimism. I’ve been working with our provost over the last month to finalize Dalhousie’s next strategic plan, building on the extensive engagement and insight gathered prior to my arrival at Dalhousie. I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you soon and seizing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Your admirable qualities of patience, discipline, resilience, understanding and care for one another, which have served us so well through this crisis, will be needed for a little while longer. We are all counting on it. But I’m confident that, together, we will keep our momentum going.

My best wishes to you all and many thanks for your continued cooperation.



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