The Program

"The certificate program took me through an eye-opening journey I did not expect."

"The excitement and motivation I got from the weekends was unbelievable. I definitely feel more confident about inspiring and creating change."


Three weekends and a world of difference

The first weekend module "Grounded & Ready for Action" sets the stage by allowing students to explore their personal relationship to varying styles of leadership in the context of sustainability. The second weekend "Designing for Action" introduces students to powerful tools for change that can be effectively used to plan and facilitate change in a complex world. Finally, weekend three "Leadership in Action" focuses entirely on the ability of students to exercise agency in the real world with the assured direction and confidence to be a leader of sustainability.

Sustainability Leadership Toolkit

Here are some examples of the tools participants use to develop sustainability leadership:

ASPIRE Model Multiple Intelligences
ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) Power of Stories
Appreciative Inquiry Ripple effects
Community Standards
Servant Leader Facilitation
Experiential Learning
The Natural Step
Integral Framework
World Cafe