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SUST 1001

Introduction to Environment, Sustainability and Society II

SUST 1001 takes you on an interdisciplinary journey examining three main themes—global climate change, biodiversity, and food production through a series of case studies from a holistic perspective.
We will study the interaction of several human livelihood practices with their respective environments focusing on the technology, social organization and ideology of those involved. You will have an opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the types and magnitude of global change, how individuals and societies influence and are influenced by this change, and how people adapt to natural and human-caused change. What makes a society resilient in the face of externally- or internally-induced change? Which feedbacks within a society, and within nature, can lead to instability and even the collapse of natural, economic, and social systems? These underlying questions motivate our enquiry.

We also consider tools and methods applicable to creative problem solving around issues of sustainability while emphasizing the importance of scientific literacy.  As a community of learners, each participant in the class has experience and knowledge to share.