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SUST 1000

Introduction in Environment, Sustainability and Society I

SUST 1000 offers a new way of learning via a new way of teaching—professors from completely different backgrounds and disciplines co-teach the class. But that’s exactly what we need to move toward a sustainable society: different perspectives and different resources in a conversation with each other.

So in this class you'll hear an architect, an historian, biologists and guest lecturers discuss everything from urbanization to poetry, from grain elevators to whale songs. What we’re trying to do is learn how to talk to one another, and learn how to work together. That's what interdisciplinary learning is all about: bringing your particular interests and talents to the table, and sharing these with others.

ESS is all about finding out who you are, where you want to go, and what you can do. In addition to the flow of issues in class, every Thursday evening we host a lecture and film series that is open to the public. This way our journey of discovery can connect and be shared with the world outside the university.