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2016‑2017 SUST Courses

SUST 1000

Introduction to Environment, Sustainability and Society 1

John Bingham and Steven Mannell
SUST 1001

Introduction to Environment, Sustainability and Society 2

Glen Lesins and San Patten
SUST 2000

Local Governance, Citizen Engagement and Sustainability

Georgia Klein
SUST 2001

Environment, Sustainability and Governance:
A Global Perspective

Andrew Bergel
SUST 3000

Environmental Decision-Making

Peter Tyedmers and James Steenberg
SUST 3002

ESS Internship

Peter Mushkat
SUST 3502

The Campus as a Living Lab

Christopher Greene (Winter Term)

SUST 3701

The Community as a Living Lab

Jeffrey Wilson (Fall Term)
SUST 3950


Special Topics in Sustainability

Winter 2018:        

SUST 3953     The Situation Room
                        Andrew Bergel and Georgia Klein

SUST 3952     Global Coastal Change & Management 
                        Georgia Klein

SUST 4000

ESS Capstone Course

Peter Mushkat and Georgia Klein
SUST 4125

Conflict Negotiation & Sustainability

Andrew Bergel

SUST 4900

Honours Thesis Project

Steven Mannell and Andrew Bergel
SUST 4950 Advanced Topics in Environment, Sustainability and Society

Fall 2017:   ESS Lecture Series Debate Class        
                   Georgia Klein