Dalhousie is a global leader in environmental research. Over 140 of our nationally and internationally-recognized professors are conducting leading work in this area in every faculty. Read OutFront Magazine, and find examples of research that matters.

Marine Biology

Dalhousie has one of the strongest marine biology research clusters in the world. The Ocean Tracking Network is the most comprehensive information system for examining marine life and ocean conditions around the globe. Dalhousie's Marine and Environmental Law Institute offers significant expertise in ocean governance.

Faculty of Management

Dalhousie's Faculty of Management is unique in Canada, and even North America, for its emphasis on sustainability. The Eco-Efficiency Centre helps businesses achieve efficient resource use, reuse, recycling and other practices beneficial to the environment.

Faculty of Engineering

Dalhousie's Faculty of Engineering is finding solutions to the problems of climate change, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and advancing renewable energy.

Faculty of Architecture and Planning

The Faculty of Architecture and Planning has pioneered green building approaches in the integration of design and technology teaching.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Scholars in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are demonstrating the importance of place and nature in everything from literature, to political culture, in Canada and around the world.

Faculties of Medicine and Health & Human Performance

Connections between the environment and human health are a significant focus in the Faculties of Medicine and Health & Human Performance.

Universities are entrusted with a major responsibility to help societies shape their present and future development policies and actions into the sustainable and equitable forms necessary for an environmentally secure and civilized world.

The Halifax Declaration - 1991