Susan Tirone

Associate Director, Undergraduate

How communities can become more sustainable is a theme that ties Susan Tirone's research, teaching, and curiosity together.

Celebrating a decade at Dalhousie University, Susan is the Undergraduate Program Associate Director for the College of Sustainability and is cross appointed in the School of Health and Human Performance. She co-teaches (with Meinhard Doelle from Schulich Law School) a problem-based learning course for second year ESS students. "A problem-based learning approach helps students to understand the complexities of tackling large, real-world sustainability issues." This year's class takes the Halifax Regional Municipality as a case study.

Susan's research and teaching focus on interdisciplinary approaches to understanding communities, social change, sustainability, and human leisure activities. She is particularly interested in how communities support, enhance or constrain the well-being of people who experience poverty, and those who face challenges associated with race, ethnicity, immigration status, and by physical and/or mental disability.