Steve Mannell


“The ESS program and the College of Sustainability were created out of a strong sense of desire, from students, faculty, staff and administration who all wanted to make a difference,” says Steven Mannell, director of the College of Sustainability. “Students want their education to make a difference, not just for them, but their communities, to work together to make things better.”

Steve, an accomplished architect, a passionate environmentalist and an eternal optimist, likes to join the dots. Each year, he co-teaches (with Claire Campbell, Director Canadian Studies) the introductory class SUST 1000 to over 300 students from seven faculties and often as many countries.

In April of 2009, Steve attended UNESCO’s World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Bonn, Germany, where the College was recognized as one of “25 World Good Practices in Education for Sustainable Development”; and in October his podcast “Making change happen: University leadership for our sustainable future” was part of the university dialogues for the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Works Games.