Kaarin Tae

Academic Advisor and Program Manager

Kaarin has been employed with the College of Sustainability since its inception in 2009 and has been instrumental in envisioning, planning and carrying out the entire ESS (Environment, Sustainability Society) curriculum. In her role as Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Kaarin assists students from a wide variety of disciplines and a broad spectrum of programs, guiding them through the double major requirements of the ESS program drawing on her broad and deep understanding of the Faculties, degree programs and academic requirements across Dalhousie. Kaarin also coordinates the extensive tutorial activities of SUST 1000, 1001, 2000, and 2001.

As an active community volunteer, Kaarin has been involved with the McIntosh Run Watershed Association for over five years and currently serves as the association’s president. The MRWA has a mandate to protect the river, restore native fish populations such as Atlantic Salmon, and to create public awareness and appreciation for the river. In keeping with this, the association is developing a trail system running from Long Lake to the ocean that will connect the community with the watershed ecosystem. With phase 1 of the trail system now completed, the public has greater access to the river – this is a step in the right direction to promoting stewardship and appreciation of nature and the river ecosystem. Visit the McIntosh Run Watershed Association.

On a personal note, Kaarin is committed to active transportation and reducing her energy footprint. She is a committed cyclist, dedicated to her own personal fitness and is a source of continued inspiration to her work colleagues. She is an Executive member of Bicycles Plus Cycling Club (BPCC), a member of Bicycle Nova Scotia (BNS) and a registered road and mountain bike race official.