COVID‑19 Update

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COVID‑19 Update

Posted by Dalhousie SITE Co-op on March 17, 2020

This page was last updated on Monday, May 11 at 10:00 a.m.

The health and well-being of our students is our number one priority, and it is vital we do our part to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

We ask for your patience as we work through additional details and decisions. We will share more as the situation changes.

For the most up-to-date and reliable information from Dalhousie, please consult this webpage,, and faculty websites.

Student updates


Summer 2020 Work Terms

We are wholeheartedly encouraging employers to continue their co-op and internship hiring plans for summer.

Who is my student development coordinator?

You can find this information on myCareer by clicking on the “Co-op” tab within the main dashboard. Your coordinator’s name can be found within the “Co-op Record” box. Their email addresses can be found here

How will job interviews be scheduled?

All interviews will continue but will now be conducted by phone or video conferencing only.

No in-person interviews (on campus or at the employer’s work place) will be conducted at this time. 

What do I do if I already have a summer job?

Please make sure to contact your employer right away to determine their contingency plan for your work term. Students who can work from home are encouraged to do so. If your employer doesn’t have a plan in place, you may wish to suggest the recommendations we’re providing:

  • allowing you to work from home if they can support this practice until it is no longer required to do so;
  • moving the start date of your work term to June 1st, 2020 to allow for more time to pass (with no academic penalty to you)
  • creating project-oriented opportunities for you when possible, especially for those of you who may be working remotely for some period of time.

What about international work terms?

Based on recommendations from the Canadian government, domestic students who were planning to travel internationally must cancel their international work terms.

We know this is disappointing and understand that the implications are vast, but rest assured that this will not affect you academically. Please contact Veronica Ennett if this applies to you. 

Will there continue to be new jobs posted to myCareer? What is happening in the labour market?

More job postings are expected before the end of the term and our team is working full-time and continuing to engage with employers regarding their summer co-op hiring needs. However, it is reasonable to assume that the number of organizations participating in Summer 2020 co-op recruitment will decrease as a result of COVID-19 response measures.  

It is difficult to predict the extent to which jobs for Summer 2020 will be affected. We are still posting jobs, arranging interviews by video conferencing/telephone and extending offers of employment. As a student, you should be applying for all applicable job opportunities, as usual.

Should I be applying for positions outside of my home province, given the likelihood that I may be working from home this summer?

If we know one thing for certain, it’s that the situation continues to change.

You are expected to apply to all applicable co-op jobs, including those located out-of-province. However, should you be in a position where you are offered an interview for an out-of-province co-op job, you should be prepared to ask the employer about their expectations for your working conditions, including whether they will be supporting working from home measures.

Our team is working full-time to secure as many co-op job postings as possible, in locations across the country.

I've applied to a position on myCareer but haven't heard back. Is the company still hiring for that position?

Yes. We continue to follow-up with our employers and to the best of our knowledge, all posted jobs in myCareer that are are still open remain active in the job competition.

We have received updates from some employers who have let us know that they intend to pause or cancel their summer recruitment. In those instances, we have closed their job postings and updated the status to “Position Cancelled”. 

Can I have my co-op fee reimbursed if I don't get a job?

We recognize that the COVID-19 situation may impact student finances. However, the program continues to work on behalf of students. As always, the co-op fee is a program fee and not a job-finding or placement fee, and covers a wide breadth of services that are available to you as a co-op student.

We are still encouraging students and employers to continue their summer recruitment plans and are discussing contingency plans to support students whose summer co-op jobs will be impacted due to the COVID-19 situation. 

You can read more about your co-op fee or contact your Student Development Coordinator with additional questions.

I can’t take summer classes like I currently planned – help!

If you need to reassess or update your academic study plan, please contact your department’s Academic Advisor.

Will I have to add an extra semester to my degree?

Students will not be penalized academically due to the COVID-19 situation. You will not be expected to add an extra semester in order to complete your degree.

What do I do if I still have questions about my summer work term?

Please reach out to your Student Development Coordinator. You can find their name on myCareer by clicking on the “Co-op” tab within the main dashboard.  Your coordinator’s name can be found within the “Co-op Record” box. Their email addresses can be found on our website.


Fall 2020

What is the start date for the Orientation Course?

There has been no change to the start dates for the Co-op Orientation Course offered for Fall 2020 at this time. If that changes, students scheduled for ENGI 8890, CSCI 8890 or SCEI 2800 will be notified.

Will international students be permitted to return to Canada in September 2020?

According to the federal government’s March 20, 2020 update, foreign nationals who have committed to working, studying, or making their home in Canada will be permitted to enter Canada by air or land. Temporary foreign workers, as well as international students who have a valid study permit or who were approved for a study permit before March 18, 2020, and foreign nationals who were approved for permanent residence before March 18, 2020, but who hadn’t yet travelled to Canada, will be exempt from these restrictions. Learn more.

Will there be any changes to the fall job search?

We are suspending Rank & Match for the Fall 2020 work term to accommodate the impact of COVID-19 on employer recruitment.

What does this mean for you?

  • For Fall 2020, employers will be able to make job offers to candidates immediately following interviews
  • You will need to be diligent in checking your Dal email regularly throughout the job competition term, particularly following interviews, as job offers may be expected at any time


Employer updates


Summer (May-Aug) 2020 Work Terms

Work terms continue this summer (with notable exception to international work terms).

How do I conduct my summer job interviews and hiring?

Please continue to post jobs, interview,and hire, but do so using technology instead of in-person meetings.  Our office can help coordinate your phone or video conferencing interviews. No in-person interviews will be conducted at this time. 

Email us at if you need help posting your job (or do so directly on myCareer) or if you’d like assistance coordinating your interviews.

How do I plan my summer work terms in the face of so many unknowns?

We don’t know how long the self-distancing/isolation directives from public health officials and government will endure. In step with our governing body, CEWIL Canada, we’re offering the following recommendations for your consideration this summer:

  • allow your student to work from home if you can support this practice until it is no longer required to do so;
  • move the start date of the work term to as late as June 1st, 2020 to allow for more time to pass so officials can properly assess the Canadian landscape; and
  • create project-oriented opportunities for students when possible, especially for students who may be working remotely. 

How do I onboard my co-op student while they're working from home?

Please refer to CEWIL Canada’s Tips for Onboarding Students Remotely

How do I onboard my co-op student while they're working from home?

Please refer to CEWIL Canada’s Tips for Onboarding Students Remotely

Is June 1st the last day students can start their work term?

Given the fluidity of the situation, we’re encouraging employers to consider pushing their work term start dates anywhere from May 1st to as late as June 1st if it’s required on your part.

This flexibility will hopefully allow you to enact your own contingency plans while ensuring that our students get as much work experience as possible. Please let us know if exceptions are required by emailing and we will assess on an individual basis.

I've received funding to hire a student, but we don't have capacity to do so at this time. What happens to the funding? Can we use it for another term?

If you are unable to use the funding for which you’ve been approved for summer hiring, please notify the funding organization right away to determine next steps.

Will co-op for Summer 2020 be cancelled?

No. Summer recruitment and hiring continues and many employers are adapting their work terms given the current COVID-19 environment. 

There are numerous funding programs available that may make it easier to continue with your original hiring plans. See our funding resources page for more information, or email and our team will be able to recommend options applicable to you.


Fall (Sept - Dec) 2020 Work Terms

Will there be any changes to the fall job search?

To accommodate the impact of COVID-19 on recruitment and make it easier for you to hire, we're suspending Rank & Match for the Fall 2020 recruitment term.

Fall recruitment began May 4 and will continue until early September. 

The suspension of Rank & Match means you won't have to wait to hire. You'll be able to recruit on your own timeline.

Can I apply for funding to hire a co-op student?

Take advantage of the funding opportunities that are available to make it easier to hire a co-op student this fall.

Recent changes in response to COVID-19 include incentive 'stacking', which may allow you to combine federal and provincial wage subsidies.

Funding will be limited and in demand. Plan now and submit your application early to be first in line for incentive consideration.