Student Spotlight: Statistics Co‑op student Julie Ann Zhao @ Medavie

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Student Spotlight: Statistics Co‑op student Julie Ann Zhao @ Medavie

Posted by Allison Auld on July 31, 2019 in Employer news, Student news
Statistics Co-op student Julie Ann Zhao
Statistics Co-op student Julie Ann Zhao

Facing aggressive growth targets in a new market, Medavie Blue Cross knew they needed to find — or create — a solution that would allow them to manage their extensive member data to eventually streamline their client onboarding process.

Eager to test whether they could sustain a full-time employee tasked to this project, they decided to start with hiring a co-op student for a four-month work term.

Third-year Statistics co-op student Julie Ann Zhao was an immediate fit for the role. With a background in mathematics and computer science along with a passion for data, Julie Ann is spending her work term transforming “mountains of data” into a useable solution for the organization. 

Without Julie Ann, Medavie says their ability to meet their aggressive targets would be delayed.  

And for Julie Ann, the experience has opened her eyes to all the job possibilities that exist to her as a Stats major, as well as the opportunities she might like to pursue for future co-op work terms. Not even halfway through her first work term, Julie Ann says she feels like she’s already grown immensely from her experience, is feeling more confident, and enjoys sharing her ideas with her colleagues and supervisors. 

Co-op is also helping her to see the bigger picture about her degree. 

“I will definitely be making course adjustments for the fall and winter because of my experience here. I’ll choose courses that will be more helpful to the types of jobs I’d like to get in the future and those that can help me in my co-op jobs." 

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