Partnership Responsibilities of Co‑op

Co-operative education requires students, employers, and the University to work together to enrich learning in the classroom and the workplace. Upon joining the co-op program, each student acknowledges their responsibility towards the Co- operative Education Program, co-op employers and other students.

Student responsibilities

Academic Responsibilities

  • Adhere to relevant co-op program requirements
  • Maintain the required grade point average and good academic standing within the university
  • Complete at least three co-op work terms to acquire the co-op designation (four co-op work terms are expected in some disciplines)
  • Complete the academic requirements of their major program as a full-time student

Prior to a work term

  • Complete Co-op Orientation Course assignments, webinars and / or in-person meetings with co-op coordinators
  • Register their work term through Dal Online
  • Pay the co-op fee for each work term
  • Actively participate in the co-op job search process
  • Honour the acceptance of co-op employment as a contractual agreement with the employer
  • Obtain valid work permits, insurance and any other required documentation
  • Check myCareer and Dalhousie email daily for updates on job postings, application deadlines, interview invitations, job offers, and other important information.

During a work term

  • Create learning objectives for each work term (mandatory for Science, optional for other faculties)
  • Act as an ambassador of Dalhousie University and the Co-op Office by striving to be a productive, motivated and responsible employee
  • Accept responsibility for all moving and living costs associated with the work term unless provided by the employer
  • Respect employer policies and confidentiality
  • Adhere to co-op guidelines and procedures outlined in this Student Handbook
  • Participate in the Work Term Check-in Course and the end of work term evaluation
  • Check myCareer account and Dalhousie email daily for updates on assignment deadlines, worksite check-in meeting invitations, and other important information.

Upon returning to school

  • Submit a Work Term Report in addition to all other required assignments for their program before the deadline
  • Check myCareer and Dalhousie email daily for updates on job postings, application deadlines, interview invitations, job offers, and other important information.

Employer responsibilities

Please see Employer Responsibilities for more information.

Co-op Office responsibilities

During orientation/the job search

  • Develop and deliver co-op curriculum that adheres to national accreditation standards of Co-operative Education
  • Develops and deliver education programs and services for co-op students
  • Develops work term opportunities reflective of the academic program and student needs
  • Ensure appropriate learning environments by assessing co-op employment opportunities
  • Coordinate job postings, interviews, job offers and acceptance
  • Connect employers, students, and faculty
  • Assist students with their academic, career, and personal development

During the Work Term

  • Communicate the components of a successful work term to employers and students
  • Monitor student learning and the quality of the co-op experience
  • Conduct midterm review of the co-op work terms with employers and students
  • Facilitate the resolution of persistent problems arising during the work term

University responsibilities

  • Financially support the costs of administering the co-op program
  • Manage the academic governance of the co-op program
  • Provide access to university services for students engaged in co-op
  • Encourage faculty to participate in relevant aspects of co-op