Endowed Chairs

The Faculty of Science is fortunate to have a long history of receiving donations from alumni and friends, whose generosity has funded research endowments to support 9 prestigious Endowed Chairs.

George S. Campbell Professor of Biology

Bob Scheibling, Biology

George S. Campbell served as Chairman of the Dalhousie University Board of Governors from 1908 to 1927, and was instrumental in acquiring the Studley Campus lands for Dalhousie. In his will, Campbell directed that funds be given for the Dalhousie Board of Governors to establish the “George S. Campbell Chair” in an academic subject of its choice. Upon receipt of these funds in 1960, the Board established the chair in Biology.

The Chair is awarded to a senior member of the Biology Department in recognition of contributions to their profession during their time at Dalhousie. Tenure is three years.

Previous chairholders include Tom MacRae; Kraft von Maltzahn; Lawrence Cameron; Leo Vining; Ian McLaren (1984-1997); Eleftherios Zouros (1997-1998); Robert Brown (1998-2000); Brian Hall (2001-2007); Bill Freedman (2007-2010) and Tom MacRae (2010-2013).  

Alexander McLeod Professor of Chemistry

Mark Stradiotto, Chemistry

The Alexander McLeod Professor of Chemistry, possibly the oldest named chemistry professorship in Canada, was created in 1884 in accordance with a bequest from Alexander McLeod.

McLeod established a fund for the endowment of three chairs; one being the Alexander McLeod Professor of Chemistry (then called the Chair of Chemistry and Mineralogy).

The chair is awarded to a distinguished senior professor with an international reputation for research. Recipients hold the chair until they retire, leave the department or are no longer active in the department.

Previous chairholders include George Lawson (1884-1895); Ebenezer MacKay (1896-1920); Carleton Bell Nickerson (1926-1940); C.C. Coffin (1942-1944); Douglas E. Ryan (1963-1987); Donald R. Arnold (1992-2000).

Carnegie Professor of Earth Sciences 

Djordje Grujic, Earth Sciences

The Carnegie Professor of Earth Sciences was established in 1933 with a gift of $125,000 from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

The award goes to a senior and active full professor in the Department of Earth Sciences with a distinguished career in research and teaching. The appointment is made initially for 5 years, and is normally renewable once.

Previous chairholders include G.V. Douglas (1933-1959); G.G.L. Friedlander (1959-1970);
H.B.S. Cooke (1970-1981); G.C. Milligan (1981-1985); P.E. Schenk (1985-2001 [Dr. Schenk unfortunately died before end of his final term]); Rebecca Jamieson (2002-2012).

William Russell Maxwell Chair of Economics

Shelley Phipps, Economics

William Russell Maxwell taught at Dalhousie as a member of the King's establishment for 40 consecutive years. He was the first full-time economist in the faculty and headed a combined department of economics and sociology. The William Russell Maxwell Chair of Economics was established in his memory.

The chair recognizes an outstanding contribution to the Department in the areas of research, teaching and/or departmental service. The term of the award is the duration of the awardee’s career in the department.

Shelley Phipps was selected as the first chairholder by faculty members in 2000, and she remains chairholder to this day.

Elizabeth May Chair in Sustainability and Environmental Health

Daniel Rainham, Environmental Science

The Elizabeth May Chair in Sustainability and Environmental Health is funded through an anonymous donation, and was named after noted Canadian environmentalist Elizabeth May at the request of the donor.

The chair seeks to broaden the population health research agenda by incorporating factors related to environmental sustainability.

Daniel Rainham was the first chairholder in the Faculty of Science and has been the chairholder since 2009.

A.C. Fales Professor of Theoretical Physics

Dr. Andrew Rutenberg, Physics and Atmospheric Science

Dr. A.C. Fales was an opthalmologist and great friend of the Physics Department. On his death in 1954, the A.C. Fales Chair in Theoretical Physics was established. The first chairholder was William J. Archibald.

Previous chairholders include D.J.W. Geldart (1986-1995); Jürgen Kreuzer (1995-2012).

George Munro Professor of Physics

Harm Rotermund, Physics and Atmospheric Science

George Munro was an educator and philanthropist from Nova Scotia. He gave approximately $333,000 to Dalhousie which included endowed professorships and bursaries. The George Munro Professor of Physics is likely the oldest chair at a secular university in North America.

Previous chairholders include J. G. MacGregor (1879-1901); Stephen Dixon (1901-1905); A. Stanley MacKenzie (1905-1911); Howard L. Bronson (1911-1945); J.H.L. Johnstone (1945-1957); M.H. Jericho (1978-2006).