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Killam Awards

Izaak Walton Killam
and Dorothy Killam gave generously to Dalhousie. In the Faculty of Science, their financial contributions have established Killam Chairs and Killam Professorships.

Killam Chairs are awarded to academics of the highest distinction and are appointed for three-year terms. The awards provide salary replacement.

Killam Professorships recognize the careers of the most outstanding scientists and are  awarded for five-year terms. The winners must have made great contributions to their fields. Each professorship is accompanied by an award of $2,000.

Killam Prizes go to enhance the careers of the most promising scientists who have obtained their doctorate within the preceding eleven years. The winners must demonstrate exceptional research ability through their contributions to scientific knowledge. The prize is accompanied by an award of $2,000.

Since the year 2000, the following professors have held Killam Chair appointments at Dalhousie: Axel Becke (Chemistry); Ian Meinertzhagen (Neuroscience); Ransom Myers (Ocean Studies); Mary Anne White (Materials Science); Rafiqul Islam (Petroleum Engineering); Philip Rosson (Business Informatics); Zhizhang David Chen (Electrical and Computer Engineering); John Cullen (Oceanography); Evangelos Milios (Computer Science); Axel Becke (Computational Science, Chemistry); Martin Alda (Mood Disorders); Michael Unger (Social Work).

Faculty of Science Killam Professors

Daniel Ruzzante (2019)
Jon Grant (2016)

Mark Stradiotto (2016)

Randall Martin (2015)
Physics & Atmospheric Science

Shelley Adamo (2015)
Psychology & Neuroscience

Jeff Hutchings (2017)

Ed Susko (2020)
Mathematics & Statistics

Alex Hay (2018)

Alison Thompson (2017)

Hélène Deacon (2020)
Psychology & Neuroscience

Killam Prize Winner

Peng Zhang (2015)