Facilities, Centres & Resources

Aquatron Laboratory

The Aquatron features state-of-the-art research equipment including Canada's first ballast water testing facility, a 684,000-litre pool tank with a rotating bridge, a 117,000 litre tower tank, 17 wet labs, 20 holding tanks and a behavioural observation tank. See the Aquatron website for more information.

Geochronology Centre

The Geochronology Centre provides high quality geochronology and thermochronology to support earth system science. It offers expertise, technique innovations and leadership in the field. It also trains students and HQP in all phases of practical geochronology and theory. See the Geochronology Centre website for more information.

Geochronology Centre Cosmogenic Nuclide Facility

The Geochronology Centre Cosmogenic Nuclide Facility extracts and measures atoms of rare isotopes from trillions of trillions of other atoms in ice, water, rock and sediment that were exposed to cosmic rays. See the Geochronology Centre Cosmogenic Nuclide Facility website for more information.


The greenhouse consists of eight glass enclosed rooms, each with its own separate control of temperature and light. It's located near rooms used for soil preparation and potting, and the Biology Herbarium. The greenhouse is home to the Dalhousie Cactus Collection, the largest grouping of cacti in Atlantic Canada. See the greenhouse website for more information.


The Herbarium is a collection of approximately 10,000 dried Nova Scotia-collected vascular plant specimens. Contact Carman Mills at (902) 494-6537 or Carman.Mills@Dal.Ca for more information.

Marine Gene Probe Laboratory (MGPL)

The MGPL provides facilities and expertise to enable the application of DNA techniques to research in ecology, conservation biology, fisheries, aquaculture and forestry management. It is also used to train students and scientists in the use of molecular tools and techniques. See the MGPL website for more information.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research Resource (NMR-3)

NMR-3 supports NMR-related research and provides services including experiment development, data acquisition and interpretation. See the NMR-3 website for more information.

Scientific Imaging Suite (SIS)

The SIS is equipped with microscopes and digital-imaging equipment. It is used by faculty, staff and students for research and teaching purposes. See the SIS website for more information.

Thomas McCulloch Museum

The museum houses a collection of mounted birds prepared by Thomas McCulloch, Dalhousie’s first principal. The specimens are used by researchers in science, history and art studies. Tucked in between the bird cases lie collections of fossils, seashells, beetles, mushrooms, butterflies and aquarium fish. See the Thomas McCulloch Museum website for more information.

There are many other facilities, centres and resources in the Faculty of Science. See department and academic unit pages for full listings.