Special Courses & Programs

The Faculty of Science offers special courses and programs that complement the average Bachelor of Science degree components. They may offer hands-on research and field experience or a concentrated curriculum in one area of study. To learn more about what counts for credit, please connect with the individual or department in charge of the program or course.

Summer Education & Applied Science Institute at Dalhousie in Ecology (SEASIDE)

This course offers second, third and fourth-year spring and summer courses in biology and ecology. SEASIDE combines lectures with field work through courses such as Census of Marine Life, Intertidal Ecology and Marine Life of Nova Scotia.

See the SEASIDE website for more information.

2+2 Joint Program

This four-year program combines studies in China with a Dalhousie education. Participants spend their first two years of university at a Chinese partner school and their third and fourth years at Dalhousie.

See the 2+2 website for more information.

Also, we have 4 exchange programs with China that is open for all the science subjects under Facutly of Science: Website for Exchange Programs with China 

AARMS-PIMS Summer School in
Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis

This summer school is intended for graduate and senior undergraduate students, as well as young researchers. Each participant is expected to register for two of the four courses. Each course runs for four weeks and consists of five ninety-minute lectures per week. These are graduate courses approved by Dalhousie and we will facilitate transfer credit to the extent possible.

See the AARMS-PIMS Summer School website for more information.

Summer Institute in Neurotechnology Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship (NICE)

The RADIANT Summer Institute (NICE) runs for 12 days every August in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. The NICE Summer Institute wants to teach you how to "think different" about the potential of neurotechnologies, like computer games and neuroimaging, to change the world and improve peoples' lives. 

See the RADIANT Summer Institute website for more information.

IOI-Canada Interdisciplinary Programme on Ocean Governance

The International Ocean Institute’s (IOI) unique two-month course on Ocean Governance: Policy, Law and Management challenges graduate students to step outside their area of specialisation and study alongside oceans professionals from a range of backgrounds and countries. The intensive training takes place at Dal from May to July and consists of 200+ hours of lectures, interactive discussions, field trips, simulation exercises, policy formulation and skills development.

For more information, visit the IOI-Canada website.

Dalhousie summer course: Tropical Ornithology in Belize

Taught entirely in Belize, this course provides a hands-on introduction to the diversity, biology, behaviour, and ecology of tropical birds. Duration is two weeks, one spent at a field station in the foothills of the Maya Mountains and the other visiting biodiversity hotspots in other parts of the country.

Contact instructor, Dr. Cindy Staicer, for more information. Phone: 494-3533 Email: cindy.staicer@dal.ca.  

Study Abroad

At Dalhousie there are over 90 international exchange options to explore. Some are Science-oriented while others are open to students of various disciplines.

See the International Centre website for a listing of options.