Certificate in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics


The Certificate in Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics covers the basic material and necessary quantitative skills to prepare students for the early stages of the Society of Actuaries accreditation program. It can also serve to familiarise students with working knowledge of Actuarial Science or Financial Mathematics.

In modern times, financial transactions and the associated risks are becoming increasingly complicated. There is a continued need for individuals who can assess and model the relevant risks and devise methods for reducing them. This certificate will cover the basic tools and techniques needed to do this.

Actuarial Science is typically used for insurance, but can be applied to a number of other areas in risk management, such as enterprise risk management, or investment. It has consistently been ranked as one of the best jobs available by a variety of sources, based on factors such as salary, work environment, employment/career potential and stress.

This program also prepares students for employment in general financial institutions. The following topics will be covered in the certificate program curriculum, allowing graduates to apply these learned skills to the workplace.

  1. Modeling
  2. Quantitative risk analysis
  3. Management of investment instruments
  4. Asset and liability management
  5. Complex financial calculations

To register your intent to complete the requirements for the Certificate in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, please contact Program Coordinator, Toby Kenney (tkenney@mathstat.dal.ca) two-three months prior completion of your degree requirements.


Society of Actuaries Accreditation  

Candidates interested in this certificate may also be interested in obtaining Society of Actuaries accreditation.

The Society of Actuaries Accreditation Program has a number of courses that closely follow the accreditation examination content and can help students achieve this objective.

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Program Coordinator
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