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First-Year Interest Groups

Starting your first year of an undergraduate degree with Dal Science? Consider signing up for a First-Year Interest Group when you register for your first-year courses in June.

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) are a mix of tutorials, study groups, and social get-togethers. Each FIG is a small group of students who have similar interests and are usually taking at least two of the same first-year courses. They're free, informal, interactive groups that will help you make the most out of your first year at Dal.

Led by senior undergraduate or graduate students, FIGs get together for 50 minutes every week during the fall term to discuss some of the big ideas coming out of popular themes in science.

They allow you to delve deeper into some of the material you cover in formal classes and labs, bounce ideas off each other, and meet other students who share some of your interests. The Faculty of Science offers the following FIGs:

  • FIGS 0001 Psychology: Behaviour and Mental Health
  • FIGS 0002 Neuroscience: Studying the Brain
  • FIGS 0003 Health and Medicine
  • FIGS 0004 The Ocean
  • FIGS 0005 Earth and Environment
  • FIGS 0007 Genes, Proteins and Technology
  • FIGS 0008 Patterns and Puzzles

Read detailed descriptions of each FIG and learn how to register here.

Navigate Your Science Degree

This non-credit course (FIGS 0009) is offered in the winter semester and it's designed to help first-year students.

You'll participate in hands-on activities that explore science-related career options so you can map out the rest of your degree with career goals in mind.

View FIGS0009 – Navigate Your Science Degree on the Academic Calendar

View FIGS0009 – Navigate Your Science Degree on the Academic Timetable

In this course, we'll help you create a customized plan that can guide your decision-making over the next few years, beginning with how to declare your major and register for second year courses. We'll explore how you can match your career goals to academic program and course selection in your plan. You'll also learn how matching your career goals to volunteering and paid-work opportunities can help you build important skill sets that aren't always covered in classes.

You'll also be shown the basics, like how to build a resume and other professional skill sets that make you job-ready in today's world.

Students have until the annual add/drop date for winter semester courses to register.

Read detailed descriptions of each FIG and learn how to register over at Campus Life's 'Information for New Students' section.