Academic Programs

Our professors equip students with the knowledge to tackle major global challenges through the application of science. Faculty deliver classes, labs and supervision incorporating the latest advances in their fields so information is fresh and relevant.

First-Year Interest Groups

Starting your first year of an undergraduate degree with Dal Science? Consider signing up for a First-Year Interest Group.

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) are a mix of tutorials, study groups, and social get-togethers. Each FIG is a small group of about 15 first-year students who have similar academic interests and are usually taking at least two of the same first-year courses. They're free, informal, interactive groups that will help you make the most out of your first year at Dal.

Led by senior undergraduate or graduate students, FIGs get together for 50 minutes every week during the fall term to discuss some of the big ideas coming out of your courses and future fields of study. They allow you to delve deeper into the material, bounce ideas off each other, and meet other students who share some of your interests.

The Faculty of Science offers the following FIGs:

FIGS 0001: Mental Health & Human Behaviour 
FIGS 0002: Neuroscience: Studying the Brain
FIGS 0003: Human Health
FIGS 0004: The Ocean
FIGS 0005: The Natural World
FIGS 0006: Communicating Science
FIGS 0007: Biotechnology and Medicine
FIGS 0008: Patterns and Puzzles

Read detailed descriptions of each FIG and learn how to register here.