Graduate Programs

Learn with Top Professors in Their Fields

Our Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science has a long tradition in both pure and applied research with close ties and cross-appointments with the Departments of Chemistry and Oceanography and the Faculties of Engineering and Medicine. Our students also come from a diverse background, including physics, atmospheric science, chemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering. In this way, our department provides our students with a rich and intellectually stimulating environment. We are ranked among the top physics departments in Canada in terms of research dollars per capita, with over $5M in funding annually that provides students with cutting edge research opportunities in the following areas.

Applied Physics
Atmospheric Science
Condensed Matter & Material Physics - Experiment
Condensed Matter & Material Physics - Theory
Medical Physics
Sub-Atomic Physics

To learn more about our Graduate program, please contact Tanya Timmins, Administrative Assistant to the Graduate Program.