Theoretical Physics

Theoretical physics encompasses fundamental theories across all scales, from the quantum world to the massive galactic systems governed by Einstein's theory of General Relativity. This stream provides you with a strong mathematical and computational foundation, giving students the opportunity to pursue interests in advanced theoretical courses.

Recommended Courses Prerequisites
PHYC 3250: Computational Methods  
PHYC 4250: Topics in Comp  
Plus at least two of the following:  
PHYC 3900: Soft Matter  
PHYC 4230: Solid State  
PHYC 4660: Cosmology Permission of instructor
PHYC 4650: General Relativity MATH 3045
Plus at least two of the following:  
MATH 2040: Matrix Theo/Linear Algebra II  
MATH 3045: Curves and Surfaces MATH 2002 and MATH 2040
MATH 4540: Applied Analysis MATH 3120 or MATH 3260 and MATH 3501
MATH 4530: Differential Geometry MATH 3045
MATH 4220: Intro Partial Diff Equations MATH 3120
STAT 3340: Regression Analysis STAT 2080
STAT 2060: Intro Probability & Stats  
Physics Majors would be expected to also complete the following courses:
PHYC 3640: Quantum I  
PHYC 3590: Adv Class Mech  
PHYC 3210: Stat Mech  
MATH 3120: Differential equations  
PHYC 3200: Thermodynamics  
PHYC 3100: Electrodynamics  
PHYC 4151: Quantum II  
PHYC 4160: Math Methods  
Note: Theoretical Physics Stream can be used towards a Minor in Math. The requirements include:
• MATH 1030.03: Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra I
• MATH 2001.03: Intermediate Calculus I
• MATH 2120.03: Methods for Ordinary Differential equations
• twelve additional credit hours of Math at or above the 2000 level