Medical Physics

Medical Physics is the study of the diagnosis and treatment of human disease using fundamental physical principles.  This stream helps to prepare students for our CAMPEP accredited postgraduate medical physics program.  Medical physicists work in a clinical setting applying physics to the practice of medicine.  They find work in areas of radiation oncology, medical imaging, nuclear medicine and radiation protection.

Recommended courses Prerequisites
PHYC 2250: Physics of Medical and Biological Tech  
PHYC 3900: Soft Matter  
PHYC 4180: Nuclear Physics  
Plus three of the following:  
PHYC 3250: Computational Methods  
PHYC 4250: Topics in Numerial Computing  
PHYC 3540: Optics  
BIOE 4391: Polymeric Biomaterials None
ECED 4760: Biomedical Engineering None
BMNG 3000: Technology in Medicine CHEM 1011, CHEM 1012
Physics Majors would be expected to also complete the following courses:
PHYC 3640: Quantum I