Leadership in Physics

Our society needs leaders who can communicate the importance of the latest technological advances to the public and our politicians, and be part of policy making decisions. These courses help to strengthen your communication skills and to place your field of study in the broader context. The following are a subset of courses that fulfill the Certificate in Leadership and Communication.  The stream can also be used to satisfy the humanities requirements for a BSc degree and can be taken in conjunction with another physics stream.

Recommended courses Prerequisites
PHYC 2850: Science and Economics of Climate Change Any first year science class
SCIE 3111: Communicating science Permission of instructor
PHIL 2680: Ethics in Science None
PHYC 3010: Experimental Physics II  
Choose one of the following:  
HSTC 2400: Science in the Media  
HSTC 2205: Totalitarianism and Science  
HSTC 3411:  Feminism and Science  
HSTC 1801: Technology and Engineering: from Industrial Age to Cybernetic Age  
HSTC 4000:  Science Nature and the Modern Period  
PHIL 2660: Understanding Scientific Reasoning  
PHIL 2480: Environmental Ethics  
Plus a Leadership Porfolio