Environmental Physics

Climate change is one of the defining problems our time.  This stream provides you with the skills and knowledge to understand our evolving atmosphere.  Many of the courses in this stream can be used towards a Diploma in Meterology.

Recommended courses Prerequisites
PHYC 2310: Energy and the Environment  
PHYC 2800: Climate Change  
*PHYC 4411: Atmospheric Dynamics I  
*PHYC 4570: Radiative Transfer  
PHYC 3250: Computational Methods or
PHYC 4250: Topics in Comp
Plus at least one of the following:
PHYC 2270: Intro to Applied Geophysics  
*PHYC 4412: Atmospheric Dynamics II  
OCEA 4220: Numerical Modelling of Atmospheres and Ocean * Recommended that you take a computational course and PHYC 4411 before this course
STAT4390/OCEA4210: Time Series Analysis Instructor's consent (STAT 3340, 3360 and 3460 listed as prereq's, but not required
ENVS 3601: Global Biogeochemical Cycles CHEM 1011 and one of ENVS 1000.06 or ENVS 1100.03 and ENVS 1200.03, SUST 1001.06, ERTH 1080.03, or ERTH 1090.03, or OCEA 2000.06, or OCEA 2001.03 and OCEA 2002.03
*PHYC 4520: Intro to Atmos Science  
*PHYC4505: Atmospheric Physics  
*PHYC4595: Atmospheric Chemistry  
Physics Majors would be expected to also complete the following courses:
PHYC 3200: Thermodynamics  
* These course can be used towards the Diploma in Meteorology.