Computational Physics

Computational physicists perform experiments on computers, which have become increasingly important due to the rise in complexity of problems that physics addresses. The computational techniques learned in this stream are transferable across many disciplines such as biology, oceanography, mathematics, finance, and computer science. Courses in this stream can be used towards a Certificate in Information Technology.

Recommended courses Prerequisites
CSCI 1110: Computer Science Some programming experience
CSCI 2110: Data Structures and Algorithms CSCI 1110
PHYC 3250: Computational Methods  
PHYC 4250: Topics in Numerical Computing  
Plus two from the list of suggested courses:  
CSCI 2114: Mathematical Applications in Computing CSCI 1110
STAT 2080: Statistical Methods for Data Analysis and Inference STAT 2060
CSCI 4180: Intro to Computational Biology & Bioinformatics STAT 2060 and CSCI 2132
CSCI 3151: Web Intelligence MATH 2112, STAT 2060, CSCI 2141
NOTE: CSCI 3151 has following prerequisits:  
MATH 2112: Discrete Structures I CSCI 1110
STAT 2060: Introduction to Probability and Statistics  
CSCI 2141: Introduction to Database Systems