Biophysics is an interdisciplinary field that applies the tools traditionally used in physics to bring a quantitative perspective to biological systems. The stream teaches you how to apply quantitative analysis to living systems. Several of the courses can be used towards a minor in biology.

Recommended courses Prerequisites
BIOL 1010:
Principles of Biology Part I
BIOL 1011:
Principles of Biology Part II
STAT 2060: Introduction to Probability and Statistics  
PHYC 3900: Soft Matter  
Plus at least two of the following:  
*BIOL 2004: Diversity of Plants and Microorganisms  
MICI 2100: Introductory Microbiology BIOL 1010, BIOL 1011, CHEM 1011, CHEM 1012
*BIOL 2060: Introductory Ecology STAT 2060
*BIOL 2020: Cell biology BIOL 1010, BIOL 1011
ANAT 2160: Introduction to Human Histology BIOL 2020
Computation Courses:  
PHYC 3250: Computational Methods  
PHYC 4250: Topics in Numerical Computing  
STAT 2080: Statistical Methods for Data Analysis and Inference STAT 2060
CSCI 4180: Intro to Computational Biology & Bioinformatics CSCI 2132 - Software Development, and STAT 2060
Other Courses:  
OCEA 4230: Biology of phytoplankton Permission of instructor
BIOE 4391: Polymeric Biomaterials None
*BIOL 3326: Vertebrate Design: Evolution and Function *BIOL 2003 - Animal Diversity and *BIOL 2040 - Evolution
* Six courses at the 2000-level or above meet the requirements for a minor in biology