2016 E.W. Guptill Memorial Lecture

"Optoelectronics: Is there anything it cannot do?
Can Optolectronics Provide the Motive Power for Future Vehicles?"

A new scientific principle has produced record-breaking solar cells.  The mantra: “A great solar cell has to be a great LED” has now broken all efficiency records.  This insight also revolutionizes thermo-photovoltaics, in which the optical glow from a thermal source is converted to electricity.  This enables conversion from heat to electricity with 50% efficiency.  Such a lightweight “engine” can provide power to electric cars, aerial vehicles, spacecraft, homes and stationary power plants.  The heat source can be combustion, radio-activity or solar thermal.


Public Event, Physics Seminars



Ondaatje Hall, McCain Building
6135 University Avenue, Halifax, NS


Free Public Lecture

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