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Adjunct Faculty

The Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science believes in the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration. To that end, we support opportunities for study and research with professors in other departments and with scientists in a variety of research institutions.

Mohamed Azzouz
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Laurentian University
Research Area: Materials Theory
Craig Bennet
Associate Professor
Professor and Department Head, Acadia University
Research Area: Materials Experiment
Stanimir Bonev
Adjunct Professor
Condensed Matter Theory
Malcolm Butler
Professor and Dean of Science
St. Mary's University
Research Area: Subatomic Physics
Serge Grabtchak
Adjunct Professor
Laboratory of Biomedical Optics, University of PEI
Research Area: Biophotonics and Medical Physics
Richard J. Greatbatch
NSERC/MARTEC/MSC Industrial Research Chair in Regional Ocean Modelling and Prediction; Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University
Research Area: Atmospheric Science
David Hornidge
Associate Professor
Mount Allison University; Vice President, Canadian Institution of Nuclear Physics
Research Area: Subatomic Physics
Rituparna Kanungo
Associate Professor
Department of Astronomy and Physics, St. Mary's University
Research Area: Experimental Subatomic Physics, Physics
of Short-Lived Rare Isotopes, Nuclear Astrophysics Research Facilities: TRIUMF, Vancouver (Canada), GSI (Germany)
Robin Kelly
Maria Kilfoil
Jeff Pierce
Assistant Professor
Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University
Research Area: Atmospheric Science
Harold Ritchie
Associate Professor
Cross-appointed from the Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University; Lead Research Scientist, Atlantic Environmental Prediction Research Initiative (AEPRI), Meteorological Society of Canada (MSC)
Research Area: Atmospheric Science
Michael Robertson
Acadia University; Canada Research Chair in Materials Science
Research Area: Materials Experiment
Adam Sarty
Astronomy and Physics, St. Mary's University
Research Area: Subatomic Physics
Parbury Schmidt
Research Area: Chemistry, Subatomic Physics, Materials Physics
Lee Titus