Atmospheric Science

Study the science that surrounds us

Atmospheric Science research
in the department is focused on understanding the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere. We design and build instrumentation, conduct field and laboratory experiments, interpret observations, develop sophisticated models and advance theory.  Our research is performed in collaboration with students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Departments of Physics and Atmospheric Science, Chemistry, Engineering, and Oceanography.

The presence on campus of the Atlantic Environmental Prediction Research Initiative (a division of the Meteorological Service of Canada), as well as the neighbouring Environment Canada Atlantic Region brings together a large and active pool of atmospheric scientists.

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Diploma in Meteorology

Do you check the weather every morning before you go outside? Have you often looked up at the sky, watching unusual cloud patterns form? Are you fascinated by reports of extreme weather events here in Canada and around the globe? Dalhousie's Diploma in Meteorology (D.Met.) will allow you to explore in depth your interests in weather and atmospheric phenomena.

Classes offered:

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