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Canada’s largest university aquatic research facility, the Aquatron is on Dal’s main campus near the best marine experts and library in the country.

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Quick facts

Opened September 20, 1974
Dedicated research space ~ 50,000 sq ft
Pool Tank Volume: 680,000 L Diameter: 15.25 m Depth: 3.91 m
Tower Tank Volume: 117,100 L Diameter: 3.66 m Depth: 10.46 m
Wet Labs 23
Heat exchangers 21 (heating and cooling)
Maximum seawater 3,500 L/min


CERC Chairholder Doug Wallace's research group in ocean science and technology at Dal.

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LRF Extreme Marine Events

Jinyu Sheng is the Lloyd's Register Foundation Chair in Modeling and Prediction of Marine Environmental Extremes. The LRF Global Network to Improve Prediction of Extreme Marine Events brings together researchers in Oceanography and Climate Physics from Canada, Australia, the UK and Brazil to improve predictions of extreme marine events.

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CEOTR Phytoplankton Lab

The Centre for Environmental Observation, Technology, and Research is involved in multiple research programs involving ocean monitoring and phytoplankton.

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