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Graduate Studies

The ocean holds answers to some of the world's most challenging problems. Solve them with us.

Together with the Bedford Institute of Oceanography and local marine companies that export globally, Dalhousie University comprises Canada's largest concentration of ocean expertise.

Our researchers study every aspect of the world's oceans, from the velocity of the waves to the salinity of the water, the biology of the deep sea to the mud of the ocean floor. Their research has real-world results: from moving shipping lanes in the Bay of Fundy to protect endangered right whales, to collecting valuable data from the ocean that helps us to better understand climate change and predict the weather.

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"Going from a theoretical math background to the hands-on, interdisciplinary field of oceanography was extremely exciting. Instead of studying only one subject, I have been exposed to all aspects of oceanography."

-- Candace Smith, M.Sc. Student