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Ocean Seminar Series: Dr. Daniel Lerodiaconou

Dr.  Daniel Lerodiaconou, Deakin University

Title:  Filling the void:  Applications of multi-use and new technology for mapping marine habitats and coastal processes

Abstract:  To address increasingly complex research questions and global challenges (e.g. climate change and biodiversity loss), the development, refinement and need of new technology for monitoring marine coastal environments is increasing rapidly. In particular, the role of benthic habitat and the ecosystem services they provide is often overlooked despite the best intentions of ecosystem based management frameworks. Often this is driven by the lack of data availability. We demonstrate the potential benefits and challenges of using new technologies afforded by unmanned aerial vehicles, bathymetric LiDAR and multibeam sonar in characterizing coastal habitats from the intertidal to the depths of continental shelf waters in south east Australia. We will show examples of the integration of physical (seafloor structure and oceanographic variables) and biological data (camera systems, animal tracking, fisheries, genetics) across a range of objectives from improved marine park management, coastal geomorphology, biodiversity assessment and applications in coastal fisheries. Increasing collaboration between disciplines will be required to accelerate the progression and uptake of these technologies and outputs to realize the full range of benefits to meet management objectives. We also advocate the “collect once and use many times” to maximize the return on investments in data collection initiatives. But also acknowledge the need for targeted time series collections that will be required to monitor change over time.




LSC 3655, Oceanography Wing