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Ocean Seminar Series: Dr. Nick Nidzieko

Dr. Nick Nidzieko, University of California, Santa Barbra

Title:  Allometric Scaling of Marine Ecosystem Metabolism

Abstract:  Coastal margins are home to some of the most productive habitats on the planet, yet there is still a great deal of uncertainty about the sources, exchanges, and fates of carbon and nitrogen at the land/ocean interface. Scaling up in situ measurements into estimates of how these habitats contribute to global biogeochemical cycling has been hindered by their apparent heterogeneity, complex circulation, diverse geomorphology, and sizes that range from tens of meters to hundreds of kilometers. I will show that marine ecosystem metabolism varies predictably with the size of the ecosystem. The significance of this study is not simply that larger ecosystems have lower specific ecosystem metabolism than smaller ecosystems, but that this size scaling arises because the residence time of limiting nutrients does not scale isometrically with ecosystem size.

Biography:  Dr. Nidzieko got a BS in Marine Biology from UCLA and an MS and PhD in Environmental Fluid Mechanics/CEE from Stanford University. He was a Postdoctoral Scholar at WHOI and Assistant  Professor at University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science before moving to UCSB in July 2016. Dr. Nidzieko is presently in the Department of Geography and affiliated with the Marine Science Institute and Earth Research Institute.




Room C332, LSC Common Area