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Ocean Seminar Series: Dr. Len Zedel

Dr. Len Zedel, Memorial University

Title "Can Doppler sonar data from oil and gas seismic surveys be used to evaluate and verify operational oceanography models


Seismic surveys have become a routine activity off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. In addition to seismic data these surveys acquire a variety of oceanographic data for operational purposes. This data has potential for research applications if and when it can be accessed. We explore this possibility by evaluating a Doppler sonar data set collected during a seismic survey cruise in the Orphan Basin region. Working within the constraints of the seismic survey cruise track, we present quality assurance tests of the Doppler velocity data and compare the velocities with the CONCEPTS ocean forecast output. The data and model show good agreement.





LSC 3655, LSC, Oceanography Wing