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Kathy Ellis Memorial Book Prize

The Kathy Ellis Memorial Book Prize is presented annually to the Department of Oceanography graduate student, in their first year, who achieves the highest average in the Oceanography core courses.

This prize has been established in memory of Kathy Ellis (MSc, Dalhousie University).

Following her graduation, Kathy joined the Chemical Oceanography Division at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. She established an environmental radioactivity laboratory at BIO and helped set up a program to evaluate environmental impacts associated with the release of radioactivity into the Bay of Fundy from the Point Lepreau, NB nuclear reactor.  In 1983, she began a long and eventful career in arctic studies with a month long stay at the CESAR Ice Station located about 300 km south of the North Pole.  In 1984 and 1991 she helped organize Canadian-Danish expeditions to Thule, Greenland to study the marine contamination resulting from nuclear weapons that were destroyed when a US B-52 bomber crashed on the ice in 1968.  One of her most exciting arctic adventures was her participation in a Russian cruise in 1993 to the previously top-secret, but then deserted nuclear test site at Chernaya Bay, on the island of Novaya Zemlya in the Barents Sea.  During this expedition she led a team that recovered sediment cores revealing high plutonium levels from underwater nuclear weapons tests carried out by the Soviet Union in the 1950s.  Kathy also led the marine radioactivity team during the historic Arctic Ocean Section cruise that involved the transit of the CSS Louis St. Laurent across the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole in 1994.

Kathy had a deep commitment to the principles of high quality scientific research and the communication of this knowledge to students and professionals in developing nations.  This resulted in numerous trips to China and more recently to Turkey and the Philippines to participate in collaborative studies and training workshops.

Kathy died in July 1999 after a courageous battle with cancer.



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