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When we understand how the world's oceans work, we understand the world itself. Clues to ongoing mysteries of biology, geology, climate change, weather and natural disasters can all be found beneath the waves.

Premier Location

Dalhousie's Department of Oceanography is Canada's premier location for oceanographic research and education. We are located in the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, a region with a rich maritime history and close proximity to word-class research facilities.


World Class Research

Our research is highly interdisciplinary and focuses on integrating observations and understanding of ocean processes to enable skillful predictions about the future ocean - from scales of weeks to centuries. Our faculty are leaders in their fields and a majority hold prestigous appointments.

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Engaging Academic Programs

Students in our bachelor's (BSc), master's (MSc), and doctoral (PhD) programs experience field work around the globe, research at sea, and engaging classes in all the sub-disciplines of oceanography - physical, biological, chemical, and geological.

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International Collaborations

Ocean research at Dal crosses many national boudaries. Nearly half our graduate students come from outside Canada and our department participates in a number of large scale international projects.

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Top 8 reasons to study Oceanography at Dalhousie:

  1. Comprehensive: We are the only oceanography department in Canada to include all primary areas: physical, biological, chemical and geological.
  2. Ocean excellence: Most of our faculty have held prestigious appointments nationally and internationally.
  3. Community: Undergrads benefit from access to a close-knit department focused on research and graduate studies.
  4. Careers: Our combined honours degree prepares you for further research at the best oceanography graduate schools.
  5. International: The oceans span the globe—our research and international collaborations do as well.
  6. Interdisciplinary: Work on world-class projects with scientists across many fields.
  7. Halifax, Nova Scotia: We study metres away from the Atlantic Ocean in one of Canada's most dynamic cities.
  8. Big picture: Oceanography makes you think further afield, looking at how multiple sciences come into play when studying the ocean.