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The experience of a lifetime for Dal's new Queen Elizabeth II Scholars

Posted by Michele Charlton on May 12, 2017 in All News
QEII Scholars (clockwise from left): Beatrix Yuan, Kelly Lucas, Noah Eisner, Jennifer Greene, Genevieve Renaud-Byrne, Justine Dol. (Danny Abriel photos)
QEII Scholars (clockwise from left): Beatrix Yuan, Kelly Lucas, Noah Eisner, Jennifer Greene, Genevieve Renaud-Byrne, Justine Dol. (Danny Abriel photos)

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A group of outstanding students are getting ready for the experience of a lifetime. Dalhousie’s six newest Queen Elizabeth II Scholars will soon be travelling to Tanzania and St. Vincent and the Grenadines to spend the summer working on innovative research projects with local organizations. Among them are two Marine Management students.

Established in 2012, the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program (QES Program) is a national collaborative initiative that operates through the Rideau Hall Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada and Universities Canada. Its goal is to foster a dynamic community of young global leaders who share knowledge, exchange ideas and collaborate on meaningful initiatives through cross-cultural exchanges.

Dalhousie’s participation in the QES Program began in the summer of 2015, and will continue until the autumn of 2018. In addition to international opportunities offered to Dalhousie students, the university also welcomes graduate students from Commonwealth countries.

Meet the Dal Science Scholars

Noah Eisner

A fascination with the natural world, particularly the ocean and its inhabitants, is what encouraged Noah Eisner to pursue a master’s degree in Marine Management.

“I have wanted to work in marine conservation for as long as I can remember,” says Noah. “The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship program is providing me with my first opportunity to actually work towards tackling many of the issues that I have spent years learning about.”

Noah will be completing his internship with Sustainable Grenadines Inc., a non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to the conservation of the coastal and marine environment and sustainable livelihoods for the people in the Grenadine Islands. Noah hopes that the research he’ll be doing while there will lead to tangible benefits for local inhabitants of the islands.

Genevieve Renaud-Byrne

A first-year student in Dal’s Master's of Marine Management program, Genevieve Renaud-Byrne is passionate about ocean conservation, sustainable development, travelling and diving. It was while she was looking for opportunities to go abroad for her internship that Genevieve came across information about the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship program.

“I wanted to ensure that the project I was working on was timely, meaningful and in line with my research interests,” says Genevieve. “This opportunity will allow me to work closely with communities to develop an action plan for climate change adaptation.”

Genevieve will be travelling to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and will be working at Sustainable Grenadines Inc. alongside Noah.

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship program is made possible with financial support from the Government of Canada, provincial governments and the private sector.