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Marine Affairs announces 2015 Gold Award

Posted by The Faculty of Science on April 6, 2016 in Alumni and Friends, Internal News, All News

The annual Gold Award is presented through the Marine Affairs program to a Marine Management graduate who has demonstrated high academic performance and the objectives of the program. 

The 2015 Gold Award has been given to Maryann Watson. Maryann's academic background and research interests include selective fishing policies and the suggested handling practices for salmon bycatch within Canadian Pacific salmon fisheries. 

During her Master of Marine Management (MMM) degree, Maryann pursued her interests learning how solutions are developed using both scientific and socioecological data. In the summer of 2015, Maryann undertook an internship with Watershed Watch Salmon Society and collaborated with the University of British Columbia's Pacific Salmon Conservation and Ecology lab on a project examining the handling methods of incidentally caught chum salmon in the pink salmon purse seining fishery on BC's North coast. Read more in her Graduate Research project.

Since completing the MMM, Maryann is working at the University of Victoria as a research assistant and collaborating with the Ecology Action Centre on a report for Ocean Canada on rebuilding Canada's fisheries. Over the next year, she'll pariticipate in field research as a scientific diver and then move on to begin her position as Science Officer with Coral Cay Conservation in Southern Leyte, Philippines.