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Reducing stigma of sexual pain

Posted by Natalie Rosen on May 7, 2014 in Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Research, Faculty and Staff

In a recent study on female sexual pain, Dr. Natalie Rosen, a Dalhousie Psychology and Neuroscience professor, found that 16 percent of females suffer from a sexual disorder known as vulvodynia.

Rosen's own research focused on the male partner's response to the painful intercourse, concluding that some reactions are associated with more pain and sexual impairment. Though not a focus of the study, Rosen has recently discovered that negative opinions toward the condition may also be a contributing factor in the progression of the disorder.  

“Many of the women I have seen through my research and clinical work share stories of being told the pain is ‘all in your head,’ and they believe it.”

For more information about Dr. Rosen's research, visit When Sex Hurts.