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Psychology Student Wins Three‑Minute Thesis Competition

Posted by Katie Park on March 13, 2014 in students, Psychology, Research, All News, Faculty of Science

And so began Dalhousie’s second annual Three-Minute Thesis competition.

The Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) model
was developed at the University of Queensland five years ago. It’s an opportunity for graduate students to practice their communications skills, sharing their research in three minutes, using only one static PowerPoint slide, to a general audience including judges from different backgrounds and fields of study.

After the dust settled, the judges awarded first place and $1,000 to Thérèse Chevalier, a PhD student in the Department of Psychology. Chevalier’s thesis involves magnetic stimulation of different areas of the brain to explore the benefits of learning a second language as treatment for aphasia. Commonly brought on by a stroke, aphasia is a brain disorder responsible for disturbing the areas of the brain that process and formulate language.

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