Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Seminar

 Hydrophobic hydration” presented by Dr. Gilbert Walker, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto.





Theatre A, Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building (Halifax, NS) and Room 102, DMNB (Saint John, NB), Dalhousie University

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Abstract: The interaction of hydrophobes with water, each other and surfaces drives many interesting processes, ranging from protein collapse, ligand binding and cellular attachment. Hydrophobe size matters, and there appears to be a fundamental transition from volume to surface area control of the hydrophobic hydration energies as size increases.  I will illustrate how the macromolecule structure change is induced at these different length scales,  with examples taken from single proteins, amyloids, polymers, and their surfaces.  Finally, I will give examples of applications of these concepts to create materials for biodiagnostics and biofouling control.


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