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Math & Stats (Colloquium Talk)

Extending monomial ideals with linear resolution using Chordality property presented by Mina Bigdeli (MSRI, Berkeley)



Math & Stats Department, Chase Building, Room 319, Dalhousie University

Additional Information

Algebra and combinatorics are linked to each other by Monomial   ideals. Free resolutions have been a very important tool for studying the   properties of ideals since the work of David Hilbert.  One of the main   questions about the resolutions of ideals is when they are linear. Reducing   to monomial ideals, it is an open problem to give a necessary and sufficient   condition for the ideal to have a linear resolution.  In this talk, a   partial answer is given to this problem by using combinatorial methods. This talk is based on a joint work with A. A. Yazdan Pour and R. Zaare-Nahandi.