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Oceanography Seminar

“Plate Tectonics of a New Era: Linking a Splitting Land and an Expanding Sea to Christian Hope” presented by Dr. Helen Lau



Scotiabank Auditorium, Marian McCain Arts & Social Sciences Building, Dalhousie University (6135 University Ave., Halifax)

Additional Information

Mountains and oceans are constantly changing as plates move away or towards each other. Dr. Helen Lau's focus is on the breaking up of continental crust (land body) and how this gave way to the accretion of new crust (oceanic body). Geophysical data show a complex transitional zone between the two bodies whose nature is somewhat puzzling. Likewise, Christians experience tectonic breaking up of old spiritual   nature after accepting Christ. However, before the promised new nature will completely take over us through resurrection, there is a transition between the old and the new. Instead of conflicting with Christian faith, science can help us appreciate how God works both in the natural world and in the life of the believer. Join the new Nova Scotia chapter of the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation for an interesting discussion of the parallels between these two realities.   

More Info: http://www.csca.ca/events/event/lau-halifax-tectonics-17/

Questions, Event Info: Helen Lau, kwhlau@dal.ca