Meet the people who make science happen. That’s the concept of Sciographies, a podcast and radio show launched by the Faculty of Science in partnership with campus-community radio station CKDU FM.
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From Halifax to Iceland to Mars and the moons of Jupiter: in the 15 years since graduating from Dalhousie's Earth Sciences, Christopher Hamilton (BSc’04) has carved out a career path that has seen him apply his knowledge of the Earth’s volcanic structures to better understanding the volcanic history of and activity on other worlds.
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Thanks to support from Eastlink, Nova Scotia Math Circles — a Dal-community partnership — is reaching more school-age children than ever with engaging, enriching mathematics experiences.
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Lindsay MacCormick began her Science degree at Dal with an eye on neuroscience, but soon found herself drawn to the world of mathematics and statistics — particularly, to newly launched courses in actuarial science that have given her an edge in the rapidly growing field.
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The Dalhousie Integrated Science Program (DISP) is a first-year option for Bachelor of Science students that want to jumpstart their exploration of the sciences with hands-on experience conducting studies in labs and out in the field. Read about one of the DISP Class of 2019 research studies.
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A unique seed-stage program for massively scalable, science-based companies, Creative Destruction Lab Atlantic is bringing together the best in the Atlantic region with the best in the world.
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Get to know the six outstanding students, including science student Claire Attridge, being recognized this week with Dal's Top Co-Op Student of the Year Award — and learn how their co-op experiences have helped take their eduation to new heights.
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A Dalhousie pain researcher and a former Much Music-host-turned-parenting-blogger are helping millions of parents around the world learn how to help relieve their children’s pain with the #ItDoesntHaveToHurt initiative.