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The Making of an Ocean Hero

Posted by Marine Affairs Program on March 5, 2018 in Students, News
Kristal Ambrose, MMM student and Ocean Hero
Kristal Ambrose, MMM student and Ocean Hero

The Making of an Ocean Hero

Kristal Ambrose, aka ‘Kristal Ocean’, and current Master of Marine Management student, has spent the last 6 years conduting research, raising awareness, and looking for solutions to the marine debris and plastic pollution situation in The Bahamas.

In addition to launching the Bahamas Plastic Movement, Kristal was awarded the 2014 Environmental Youth Leader Award from the Government of The Bahamas for her efforts in the field of plastic pollution research and education. She has been featured in both the Sierra Club Magazine and Coastal Living Magazine where in the latter she was named an Ocean Hero by musician Jack Johnson.

Read more about Kristal and her journey as she works toward the eradication of plastic pollution in The Bahamas in a recent article on Leading a Plastic Pollution Revolution on DalNews.

Kristal is scheduled to present her 3-Minute Thesis on Tuesday March 6 at the Dalhousie 3MT competition this week.