Why you should study here

Why study with the Marine Affairs Program?
Consider the Seven C'S!


1.     Collaborate with leading experts from a variety of disciplines spanning the full range of coastal and ocean research in Canada and the world. Publications in marine management and policy have increased 11% per year since the 1980s showing the growing interest and need globally

2.     Control the topic of your graduate project, and, with faculty support  research this important subject.

3.     Connect easily with the MAP network containing 450 graduates from 59 countries worldwide.

4.     Cultivate new perspectives in an interdisciplinary environment that offers new and exciting insights on a wide range of marine management issues.

5.     Critique and examine current coastal and ocean issues, resulting in a professional understanding of the intricacies and complexities of immediate problems, while working to create new and innovative solutions.

6.     Class sizes are small, providing wonderful opportunities to know classmates and instructors in a stimulating learning environment.

7.     Contribute to thought and work through publication and discussion that could ultimately influence public policy and governance. Between 2000 and 2012 89% of our graduates were employed in marine affairs-related positions. MAP graduates help to make a difference!