Integrated Science: SCIE 1505

This program provides comprehensive first-year preparation for science majors or honours degrees and includes a full-year writing course and research project in the sciences. Concepts and techniques are taught in Biology, Earth Science, Psychology, and Statistics and are linked to material taught in separate Chemistry, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Physics courses.

First-year pre-requisites

All three program options fulfil several first-year requirements for the BSc. The full-year Psychology component of SCIE 1505 fulfils the Social Science requirement. The Statistics component of SCIE 1505 plus one Calculus course (MATH 1000 or 1215) fulfil the full-year of Mathematics requirement.

The integrated Writing in Science component of SCIE 1505 and the companion Humanities course (PHIL 1050) together compose a full-year Writing Requirement Course at Dalhousie University. The Integrated Science writing course serves in lieu of ENGL 1000 for entry to the School of Pharmacy at Dalhousie University. Note that PHIL 1050 also satisfies half of the full-credit Humanities or Language requirement at Dalhousie; before they graduate, students will need to take another half-credit course in a Humanities or Language.

IB or AP credits

IB or AP credits in Chemistry, Math or Physics can be used in lieu of taking the corresponding co-requisite. All Integrated Science students are required to take PHIL 1050 and all components of SCIE 1505 because the content and skills practiced are integrated across these components (i.e., IB or AP credits cannot be used in lieu of Biology, Earth Science, Philosophy, Psychology, or Statistics).


On their transcripts, students receive a single letter grade for SCIE 1505 and separate grades for their other courses. A breakdown of subject marks in SCIE 1505 is provided, upon request, for the purpose of applying for scholarships or professional programs or transferring other universities